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We have several concessions at your disposal, to bring together the best services in the same establishment.


For beginners who want to get started or for advanced athletes who want to continue to perform, the sports shop, located inside Tennis 13 Fitness, is the best place to equip. There’s everything you need, no matter what sport you’re interested in, for you to be properly dressed and equipped. From sneakers to snowshoes, even running shoes, everything is there. The shop also offers a professional string service, whether for a new racket or for the one you just broke. All the athletes will tell you: to be well equipped is to leave with a head start. So come take a ride today!

Contact Bernard Bernier by phone at 450-687-1010 or 1-888-935-1010



Allow yourself to take a break and come by our restaurant to enjoy a good meal after a long workout or simply drink a hot coffee before leaving. It is a healthy salad bar where guest may select from a variety of delicious salads, wraps, sandwiches and warm meals. It is a perfect place to rest for a while and regain your energy. Resto 13 is a fresh and simple choice for those who may be health-conscious.

Contact 450-687-9913 ext 248



Isabelle Huot’s nutrition clinic Kilo Solution is now at Tennis 13 Fitness. Do you wish to take healthy habits in your daily life, control health problems such as cholesterol or hypertension or even maximise your trainings? Meet with our nutritionists for a nutritional evaluation and a personalised follow-up. They will gladly guide you, no matter the reason why you want to change your diet. You will lose weight, you will be less out of breath when you exercise and your global health will be largely improved. Make an appointment today and choose a healthy lifestyle.

Contact the Kilo Solution team by phone at 1-877-761-5456



Pilates teaches knowledge of the body and good posture with the help of accessories or devices equipped with sliding trays, springs and pulleys. Those exercises are meant to improve articulation flexibility, agility and posture as well as developing deeper muscles that are not use as often. They also allow economy of motion and can even help relieve back pain. Come try this new way of training today!

Contact Connexion Pilates at 450-682-2100



Osteopathy is an alternative medicine which consists in manipulating bones, muscles tissues and articulations in order to relieve pain related to muscular fatigue or sports injuries.

Since our fitness complex covers many different sports and that anyone can get injured at anytime, we are offering an osteopathy service directly inside Tennis 13 to better meet your needs and properly manage your healing process so you can get back to doing what you love faster.

Contact Patrice Bélanger at 450-687-9913, ext. 405



Massage therapy is a type of massage that uses hands, fingers, elbows, forearm and feet to apply pressure on different parts of the body on which it has a huge positive impact such as relieve stress and pain. It can also relax muscles and nerves, stimulate blood circulation and regularise circulatory, respiratory and digestive functions.

It’s a perfect occasion to rest for a little while and forget about everyday’s life stress for a moment. Take some time off and relax for a change!

Contact Sergey Reznikov at 514-914-7535 or


From now on, Tennis 13 Fitness offers a medical care service directly inside its walls. The Carrefour Soins Infirmiers Privés is the very best of professional nursing services, with no waiting time. It offers services with prescription such as blood or urine samples, injections (anticoagulant therapy, contraception and any other prescribed injections) or electrocardiogram (ECG) and services without a prescription like foot care or even education and monitoring (arterial hypertension, diabetes, anticoagulants, etc.).

Make an appointment today for a thriving body and mind!

Contact the Carrefour Private Nursing team by phone at 450-934-1313



Fascia is a fibrous tissue that surrounds muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs and nerves. Fascia stretching is a therapy that aims to stretch that tissue in order to reach a deep relaxation and a well-being feeling that can not be procured by traditional massage alone. This therapy is practically painless, reduce soreness after a workout, improve physical performance and even help healing any type of injuries. Come enjoy fascia stretching’s benefits and make an appointment today.

Contact Sari Klein at 450-687-9913


Ouss Zoglami is an entrepreneur, writer, strategist, speaker, hypnotherapist, neurolinguistic programmer and the right fit for you. Why? Well OZ is not your usual life trainer and mental health strategist, he uses your emotions, mental state and physical body in order to trigger change. What makes our team so special is our undivided focus on your needs. We are not going to transform your life; we will guide you through the process because the hero at the end of the day is you. OZ will not only communicate with your conscious mind but will also trigger, rewire and stimulate your subconscious mind using his most powerful techniques like hypnosis, NLP and from a new powerful tool called Subcology. OZ’s techniques will be tailored to you and will change your life as it did for many before you.

Contact Oussama at 438-496-0289



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