Recreational classes

These lessons are for players of all levels, for beginners, intermediates or advanced who like to work in a group. Perfect lessons to get motivated.

  • Special beginner : This class is for the player who has never or very little experience playing tennis
  • Novice Practice: Participate in novice practice and significantly improve your game while reinforcing what you have learned in group lessons.
  • Novice League: The Novice League is the ideal option if you want to play matches. You will be matched up with players of your own caliber and you can have fun even if you are not an advanced player.
  • Novice: This course is for the player who has taken a beginner’s course and is starting to play or has some consistency in the backcourt.
  • Intermediate: This course is for the player who has a good amount of playing experience and is fairly consistent in the backcourt.

Christmas : From December 19th to January 5th, 2023
Winter : From January 9th to March 5th, 2023

Private lesson

Improve or perfect your level of play with private lessons given by one of our certified professionals. Our teaching method, recognized by Tennis Canada, is based on the so-called “progressive” approach to tennis, a method that gradually and in stages incorporates different elements specific to tennis. Our team of passionate tennis pros are in continuous training to master the latest trends and teaching methods.

These lessons are intended for players who wish to work alone with a coach. The sessions last one hour and can include between one and 4 people. Ideal moments to practice in privacy and to be able to concentrate to the maximum.

Contact France Santerre to book a lesson :

Recreative and competitive leagues

We have single and double leagues and even a league for non-members. Register for the one that suits you. If you hesitate, ask one of our professionals. It is with pleasure that he will advise you.

Partner matching

Try our new partner matching program with partners of your level.

Visit our new facebook group.

Tennis 13 invites you and your friends to play tennis, badminton, pickleball, racquetball and squash!

  • Pay only for the courts fees
  • Racquet rental available on site

5 à 7 du samedi

An activity for all levels, every Saturday from September to April. Organized matches, free tennis and aperitif. Includes tennis, balls and a drink.

  • Member $ 25
  • Non-member $ 30

To register, contact Chantal Filion to