FALL 2018

From September 3th to November 17th (10 weeks)
One-hour sessions | No classes on October 8, 2018 (Thanksgiving)

 6-9 years old10-13 years old14-16 years old
 Monday – –7:30 pm 
 Thursday7:00 pm 7:30 pm 
 Friday7:00 pm
 Saturday9:00 am12:00 pm


  • 1 x week: $130 (plus taxes)
  • 2 x week: $200 (plus taxes)
  • 3 x week: $300 (plus taxes)

How to register?

By e-mail or fax *:

| Complete the
| Send it by e-mail to: info@tennis13.com or by fax at (450) 687-1763.
| Payment by credit card.

* Your request will be processed within 72 hours.

By phone:

| Contact us at (450) 687-9913.
| Payment by credit card.

In person:

| At the reception desk of Tennis 13 Fitness.
| Payment by credit card, debit card, cash or cheque payable to Tennis 13.


Supervised fitness program for children and teenagers

Teaching proper form and technique to help enhance motor skills and strengthen areas of the body by performing a variety of movements and activities all while incorporating fun.

6 to 9 years old

In this program the child will be strengthening areas of the body in movements. By performing an array of exercises and activities they will grasp balance, coordination, reactivity and   rhythm. Surrounded by children of their own age, they will learn how to work with others, participate and become aware of the space around them all while having fun.

Program details:
– Strengthening the child systemically and consistently while thinking of movement
– Setting them up for future success in their exercises and their everyday lives.
– Learning proper technique
– Enhancing gross motor skills using the larger muscles such as legs and arms.
– Enhancing fine motor skills using smaller muscle group such as hands and wrists ex. Clapping
– Using activities with more than one step will help memory and strengthen cognitive development.

10 to 13 years old

In this program the child will be exploring their bio motor abilities. They will be working on strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, and balance or coordination. By incorporating fun, games and activities they will focus on mastering different exercise movements and techniques. They will be taught proper form and how to move well so that their everyday performance increases.

Program details:
– Bio motor skill development and building a solid foundation
– Becoming better at movement and at activities
– Being an important time for “sports tryouts” we will focus on improving weaknesses
– With bio motor skill development, they are now maybe ready to add a light weight to a movement
– Thinking of big movements
– Moving well so performance goes up
– Using proper injury free form
– Teaching them to warm up in preparation for their bodies to move
– Enhance mobility

14 to 16 years old

In this program the adolescent will be working on improving their total fitness level and sports performance. They will learn how to improve individual strength and endurance while performing different exercises. While becoming familiar with the gym environment and equipment they will be ready to set any future training goals.

Program details:
– Using he right amount of weight without sacrificing proper technique
– Helping prevent injury
– Enabling them to use their full range of motion without risk of injury
– Recognizing their strengths and weaknesses
– Learning how to work with others
– Recognizing how hard they can work and build self esteem
– Setting objectives and attaining them
– Learning how to respect gym regulations and the people around them
– Flexibility