Tennis 13 is open to all!

From January 2nd, here are our non-member prom0tions.

  • Tennis: $ 26 + taxes, per person, per hour
    Badminton and Pickleball: $ 8.70 + taxes, per person, per hour
    Squash and Racquetball: $ 9 + taxes, per person, per hour
Reservation policies:
  • Members (gym included) can book up to 7 days in advance
  • Non-members can book up to 2 days in advance

Come and enjoy our court. 450-687-9913

Update, October 8th,2020

Hello dear members,

Following the latest news concerning the Covid-19, here is some information on the club and it’s sports during the period from October 8th to November 23th, 2020.

Racket sports (tennis, pickleball, badminton, racquetball and squash)
Invite your friends, non-members are welcome at no guest fee to come and play all of our racquet sports. * Court fees not included.

  • Free practice in single play is permitted, making sure to comply at all times with health guidelines and instructions;
  • Access to changing rooms and showers is prohibited;
  • Doubles practice is not permitted. The only exception to this rule is if all four participants live at a single address.
  • Competitions, organized matches and spectators are prohibited.

Gym, aerobics, spinning and yoga

  • Access to the gym is not allowed.
  • All classes are canceled for the period
  • You have access to all our racquet sports during this period. (court fees not included)

Swimming pool

Regarding your membership :
Take into account that the payment for the month of October will take place as planned and that your subscription will be automatically extended by 20 days *.
* Extension of 20 days or less depending on the expiration date of your subscription.

Remember that we are taking these measures to avoid spreading the Covid-19 virus and because we care about the health of our members.

The direction
Tennis 13 Fitness