Open or closed?


Tennis, pickleball, badminton

  • Single and double is allowed
  • Competitions, organized matches and spectators are prohibited.

Court promotin for the summer (From June 1st to September 5th, 2021)

Field fees
Members: $ 20 / hour + taxes
Non-members: $ 30 / hour + taxes

Late subscription
LATE members can play from 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday they can play all day.

Racquetball & Squash

  • Free practice in singles is allowed, mask compulsory at all times


Gym, aerobics, spinning and yoga

  • Access to the gym is permitted
  • The mask is mandatory in the deplacement
  • Private training is also allowed.
  • Towel is compulsory
  • The smoothie bar will be open


  • Free swimming is permitted during our free swim hours.

Before coming at the club

  • Be dressed and ready to play. The lockerrooms will be closed. Only the bathrooms will be accessible.
  • Have your own water bottle, the water fountains will be out of service.
  • Please arrive at the club close to your resevation time.

Once you get to the club

  • Please follow basic distancing procedures.
  • Wash your hands at our sanition station installed at the entrance.
  • Stay 2m away from other members.

Paying for your court

  • We accept all payment method
  • You can add funds to your membership account and we will debit the resevation fees directly from there.

On the court

  • Use your racquet to push aside the curtain and enter the court.
  • Each player should remain on their side of the court
  • Each player should have their own set of Tennis balls
  • Return your partners balls on the other side of the court by using your racquet instead of your hands.
  • Clean your racquet and equipment with a disinfectant wipe before leaving.
  • Leave the court using your racquet to open the curtain.
  • Leaving the club immediatly after playing to avoid having too many people inside at the same time.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Be safe and stay active!