Spring 2018

From March 31st to June 2nd | 10 classes
Saturday, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.


ZumbAtomic® or Zumba Kids is the children’s version of Zumba Fitness and explores the world of fitness with routines, games and popular music. This class is derived from the Zumba Fitness® program and is designed for youngsters (6 years and older) with easier to remember choreographies and movements that are appropriate for their ages. The mixture of Latin music ( zumba, salsa, meringue, hip hop, reggaeton) combined with simplified dance steps makes ZumbAtomic ® an educational, athletic and fun animated course for children.

Excellent for:

  • movement coordination
  • teamwork with the younger children
  • balance and poise
  • discipline, memory and creativity
  • losing weight in a fun way!

To put them in the right frame of mind for the ZumbAtomic® class you can dress your children in loose fitting clothing, preferably in bright colors ;
don’t forget to give them a water bottle to get them into the good habit of rehydrating when working out.


  • $99 (plus taxes)

How to register?


By e-mail or fax *:

| Complete the
| Send it by e-mail to: info@tennis13.com or by fax at (450) 687-1763.
| Payment by credit card.

* Your request will be processed within 72 hours.

By phone:

| Contact us at (450) 687-9913.
| Payment by credit card.

In person:

| At the reception desk of Tennis 13 Fitness.
| Payment by credit card, debit card, cash or cheque payable to Tennis 13.


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Magalie Bourgeois,
Group class coordinator
(450) 687-9913, ext. 414