Parents-Children Tennis lessons. Parents-Children Tennis lessons. Parents-Children Tennis lessonsur commitment Allow me to welcome you to the Tennis 13 Fitness team We are committed to promote our member’s health and physical and mental well-being by offering a variety of sports activities. This, in a unique setting where fun, personal achievement, learning, social interaction and relaxing moments are key. Nowadays, the health of young children is one of our greatest concerns. By relying on recent statistics, the rate of obesity and inactivity of young children is increasing at an alarming rate. We have decided to take action and invest by developing an innovative project « the F2 fun and Fitness », to remedy this situation. And we will continue to honor our commitment to the health of the community. Our Values Customer focus We make sure that our customers get the focus that they deserve by providing an excellent quality of service. By doing this, we want to distinguish ourselves by following up and taking charge of our customers. In addition, it is important to create an environment that makes the experience as pleasant as possible. Quality of the installations We make sure that we offer our customers an environment that is clean and conducive to physical activity. Also, our equipment must be meticulously maintained and at the cutting edge of technology. The value of our human resources We are aware of the value of our employees because the achievement of our mission and our values described above hinges on them. Thus, we make sure that we offer them a work environment that meets their expectations. The success of a company in the sports and physical fitness sector depends on the quality of the people that work there. Particularly, because of their competence, their expertise, their professionalism, their involvement and especially their dedication to our customers. Tennis 13 Fitness never ceases to act, to invest and to develop innovative projects to satisfy its members and also to remedy the scourge of obesity and serious diseases.

Parents-Children Tennis lessons:

Discover tennis as a family!

Enjoy a fun and rewarding experience with your child (4 to 5 yers old), all in a sporty, relaxed atmosphere.

You will have the opportunity to discover the techniques of this sport through workshops specially designed for the family. Guaranteed fun for the parent and child, partners in their tennis playing accomplishments!


Ginette Brunet, program coordinator
(450) 687-9913 ext 420