Athletics Development for Youths

This training program aims to develop the athletic abilities of young athletes, regardless of their particular sport.

The session begins with a physical evaluation of each young athlete that includes:

  • Determination of specific goals and acknowledgement of previous injuries, if applicable;
  • Biomechanical tests to identify muscle imbalances and weaknesses as needed;
  • Body fat percentage assessment to determine the starting body composition. This percentage will be taken again at the end of the summer.

As technique is a priority for better results and to reducethe risk of injury when training, the youths will learn, from the first week, the proper technique for the basic exercises of athletic development.

From July 2nd to August 10th, 2018
(6 weeks)

  • 5 sessions a week
  • 1 coach per session
  • 60 to 90 minutes per session
  • Training in small groups (maximum of 10 youths)
  • $ 50 plus taxes per youth per week
  • 15% discount for the second child (or more) of the same family

How to register?

By e-mail or fax *:

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By phone:

| Contact us at (450) 687-9913.
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In person:

| At the reception desk of Tennis 13 Fitness.
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