Considered as the fastest-growing sport in the world, Beach tennis is a game combining elements of tennis
and volleyball and played on sand. Officially sanctioned by International Tennis Federation (ITF), this very
trendy new sport is also planned to be introduced into the Olympics by 2024. Beach tennis is
traditionally played on the beach, but you can play it anywhere, from the moment you have the
space you need. You can also play indoors, on a traditional volleyball court or in a park of greenery.
Beach-tennis uses the same principles as tennis, except for the rebound: the ball only strikes volley.

How to Play:

Beach Tennis is easy and fun to play! The basic rules are summarised below, along with an introduction video, and the full rule book is also available via the links on this page.

Court : Similar in size to a beach volleyball court, 16m long x 8m wide.

Surface : Sand!

Net :  The net is 1.7m in height.

Equipment : Paddle Racket (no strings) and Stage 2 (low compression “orange”) balls are used.

Scoring : Exactly the same scoring system is used as for regular tennis, except with the permanent use of no-Advantage, after Deuce. Plus there is no second service and no service let.

Playing the game : The game is predominantly played between doubles teams, although singles can be played on a narrower court (4.5m). Under and overarm serves are permitted and either member of the receiving team may return the service.
A point is won if the ball hits the ground in the opposing court or if the opponents hit (or serve) the ball out or into the net.

Beach tennis demo at Tennis 13  (Global News – October 5, 2016)

Beach tennis Basics (by the ITF)

Sources: International Tennis Federation, Wikipedia and Global News.